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Celebrate Love with Jewelry & Watches

July 15, 2021

On a recent evening, I looked over to see my son picking up my watch off my nightstand.


I had a momentary panic, having seen his handiwork before, but then let him hold it and try it on, thinking of how it will be his one day.


I realized my son pays attention to what I wear, he checks out my Cuban link chain around my neck, he sees where I lay my necklace down at night and he grabs my Bulova watch.


Just as he explores how I react to his behavior, he studies how I style my hair and what I wear when we go out of the house.


Playing with my Bulova timepiece is part of how he explores who I am. It is a signature part of me.


Watches and jewelry become part of who we are and a part of our character in the world.


Seeing first hand our creations from our timepiece partners is also seeing potential new expressions of ourselves.


This year’s new Bulova timepiece introductions did not disappoint on that score of vibrant and innovative dials, is it any wonder that after a year of the pandemic we have all just had we are seeking joy in color and freshness in jewelry?


What we choose to wear as we reemerge in the world from this pandemic sets the tone for where we go next. This challenging period has reinforced how good it feels to celebrate the people that we love.


I’m excited to set off on this new chapter, and I might just need a new watch and chain in which to kick it off! I know my observant family will be paying attention.




Arch Kitsinian